2018 Turkey Tour - Rally Master Letter

First off, thanks to everyone who helped produce the 69th consecutively held Turkey Tour Rally. We really depend on the assistance of many people to put on this event and it doesn't go unappreciated: Debbi and Gary for registration and Ken for helping collect signs the morning after, and Ed for helping organize the start and finish. Thanks!

The rally route took participants along the NY/CT border and seemed fairly straightforward. Rallyists always seem to find different ways to interpret the instructions. At the finish meeting there was talk about a few rally participants arriving at an intersection along the route and one car goes straight, another makes a right and the 3rd makes a left. In that scenario the one going straight was correct but it is funny how that happens. All 3 of those teams did finish the rally.

This was a fun rally to plan, the route was beautiful, especially in the fall with the leaves changing and the amazing houses along amazing roads. We highly recommend driving the route on a weekend to see were you have been, it is great practice too.

We put in a bunch of tricky non-T intersections, where you hit a main road and although it appears as a T, the road continues. This occurred at the very end of the rally and self corrected itself so we posted a ZZ turkey sign which would have appeared on your left if you were on course and your right if you were off-course. Either way, if you wrote it down, it was counted against you.

The winning car, Jessica and Cassie did an amazing job with timing, finishing 2 seconds off the actual time and doing great on finding signs along the route. We posted 48 signs, 2 of which were seen twice since the rally doubled over on itself creating an interesting conversation when 2 cars met in that section, each executing a different instruction.

We had a great time planning this rally, althought it seems that the snow storm a couple of days before the event might have scared a few people away. We would really like to build up these events so bring your friends to the next event in the Spring. The 2019 Bunny Run Rally is coming up soon.

Jesse & Barbara