2018 Fall Fest - Rally Master Letter

Thanks once again for joining us on the 2018 Fall Fest Rally.

16 Cars registered

12 Cars made it to the Check Point YEA!!!

2 Cars showed up at Amore with score sheets; and

1 car called in as DNF – they went home (never a good idea – come have a beer and figure out what happened); and

1 car never checked in. Too bad.

GOOD NEWS! Lots of fun and great feedback. Awesome rally, great roads and some tricky instructions, especially on the signs this time!


SECONDLY, I’d like to say THANK YOU for welcoming Pat and I into Amore with claps and hugs…. It’s very humbling to know that we actually did okay without knowing how it would actually spin out.

And THIRDLY – I’d like to congratulate the Johnston’s on a record finish. THEY always do well, but please see the results for same. They are not club members, so like I said at the drivers’ meeting, join the club and compete for the Cup.

As far as scoring – please note that for the purposes of this Rally, I score on time, distance and sign(s) in this manner:

Official Time: 2:30:08 (scored at 1 point per lapsed second);

Signs: Total 36 (scored at 50 pts per sign);

Off/Course Signs 3 (scored at 100 pts per sign) and;

Mileage/Distance: 62.9 (scored at 5 pts/per 1/10th Mile).

We also added a bonus question, and if you got the right answer, it gave you 50 pts. This would be applied towards your (missed) sign(s). Many teams got the right answer to the bonus question. For Car #1, they found 35/36 signs, and scored on the bonus question, which gave them ‘ZERO’ penalty points on the signs. Since most rallyists found less than the “36” posted signs, the bonus question helped them. Unfortunately, quite a few rallyists recorded the O/C signs which gave them additional negative points.

Our signs were not so tricky or placed DEEP in the woods, but by adding O/C Signs, this added to the mix. Some of our experienced rallyists got tripped up by being O/C or by recording the O/C Signs. Remember, you need to ‘unrecord’ O/C Signs once you realize you’re off course.

We placed 3 off course signs in an area designated as a ‘private’ road (up in Waccabuc, NY) and at least ½ of the finishers went thru the private road and recorded the signs. Those that were successful either unrecorded the O/C signs or never wrote them down, however 2 teams went thru the private neighborhood, recorded (1) or (2) of the (3) signs, did not un-record and somehow carried on course. It was possible to do this, but unfortunately, it may have cost them time, mileage and O/C penalties.

I did hear grumblings of an area with regard to ‘Rolling Meadows’, however only one team challenged this. We do admit this was a rally draft issue, and since only one team challenged us on a time allowance, we granted same.

Always remember, if you have a true legit time delay issue, ask for a time allowance.

Looking forward to next year!

Thanks - Diane & Pat