2017 Turkey Tour Rallymasters Letter

Sorry for the delay in posting the results for the Turkey Tour Rally. This was actually a pretty simple rally to plan, maybe because we have done it so many times that we have the system down. Maybe it has to do with the roads being so cool, it was not an arduous task to plan it, because it was so nice to drive it. Whatever it was, it was a nice rally to plan. Unfortunately, the scare of rain scared a lot of participants from joining us. For those that braved the elements were rewarding with only a little rain, some wet roads and a great route.

The championship was close coming into this rally, Debbi and Gary have wone the rally and as a result have clinched the year end trophy a great silver bowl on which their names will once again be engraved. Tough battle between them and Don Mays and Mark Connelly. But this was not to be for them as they were very late to the checkpoint. The most interesting finish goes to the Michelotti sisters, who had given up on the rally completely only to get near their home only to see a Turkey sign. Some analysis of the instructions and they found a hook that got them back on course. They missed a lot of the course, they missed 19 signs, but finished less than a minute from their correct time.

Thanks to Debbi and Gary for helping with registration, Ken for prerunning the course, Ken and Frank for keeping us company at the checkpoint, and Ed for holding down the restaurant while we were gone. The rally was 61.5 miles long and should have taken 2 hours 18 minutes 21 seconds to traverse. There were 51 signs posted along the route and several teams found 49, one eagle eyed team saw 50.

Thanks and see you at the Easter Rally, Jesse and Barbara