Westchester Sport Car Club

2003 Turkey Tour Rally

The event recap letter will be posted in a few days... check back soon. The results were a little more difficult due to the confusion at the start of the event. We apologize for the problems; there was a complete breakdown in communications between the Westchester County Parks Department and the Westchester County Police Department. It seems that although the Parks Department gave us permission to use the Kensico Dam parking lot... they never informed the Police Department that we would be there. The Parks Department gave us the same permission letter that they have at every rally for the last 10 years; the Police require a different form of which we have no knowledge.

In an attempt to make it up to the rally participants, the Westchester Sports Car Club board-of-directors has voted to give each car a free entry into the 2004 Bunny Run Rally. So if a driver/navigator team enters again at the Bunny Run... the entry is free. If one of them wants to take another person with them who was not in the Turkey Tour rally... the entry will be 1/2 price.

The date of the 2004 Bunny Run is tentatively scheduled for April 3, 2004. It is traditionally the weekend before Easter. This date may change however so make sure that you check the web site for updates. http://www.wscc.org

Awards: T=Trophy Positions, H/W=Husband/Wife, L=Ladies. WSCC Members in bold font.
2003 Turkey Tour Rally - Actual Time: 2:41:34 Turkeys: 33 Off-Course: 2Corrected Raw DataScoring Data 
PositionCar #DriverNavigatorVehicleClassHoursMinsSecsMissed SignsTime (1pt/sec)Turkeys (50pts/sign)Off Course (100pts/sign)Addl Passenger (500pts/person)Total
Finished - With Official Time
15Don MaysDiane Mays2002 Lexus RX300H/W243412127100  227
28Jesse LipscherBarbara Gebala2002 Ford ExplorerH/W24044450200  250
32Jake FisherAl Bettencourt2004 Subaru STI 238172197100  297
430John ChristouGJ Dixon III2001 Isuzu Vehicross 244143160150  310
59Eddie ClaridgeBob Klienman2001 Subaru WRX 245342240100  340
640Stefan HeinzKevin Steinberg2003 Toyota 248392425100  525
726Darryl CiucciBill Forsyth2001 Nissan Sentra SE 244438189400  589
81Robert DillonJayme Tynan2003 Jeep Wrangler 232583516150  666
910David IbbotsonKathy Bartosiak2002 Ford Focus SVT 247517377350  727
1046Zephyr BelskiParis Mangelsdorf2000 Subaru 255272833100  933
1121Jim VorusEva Barabas2002 Audi A4 256492915100  1015
126Pat SlavinDave Trezza2001 PT CruiserH/W227015873250  1123
1317Linda HartmanLucas Hartman1998 MB Wagon 301491121550200 1465
1413Carl SicklerCaryn Stern1999 Ford Contour 3133041916200  2116
1541Walter HauckFrank L'Abbate1997 Geo Prism 316401210650  2156
1632Tina VillardiMichael Caroll2002 Nissan Sentra Spec V 3133251918250  2168
1720Ron JackKevin Quimby1994 Chevy Blazer 3133521921100200 2221
1828Danielle JacksonWayne Schneider1994 Saturn SC2 3133491920450  2370
1931Amanda Tully Abe Tang1995 Nissan Truck 3190372249350200 2799
204John IbbotsonDavid Gran2003 Mitsubishi Evo 32943112889550  3439
2116Brian CestoneLuke Sotherden1999 Chevy 315524205820020010003458
223Brian JohnstonSearn Johnston2002 Dodge Caravan 3374823374100  3474
2311Stacy NadlerPeter O'Meara2001 VW Cabrio 341331359950  3649
Finished - Without Official Time
2444Brude KadePenny Kade1999 Chevy    050000  5000
257Terry DeMarcoDave Gill1999 Honda Accord    85000400 5005900
Did Not Finish - Handed in Answer Sheet
2649Christine VientoClaudine Judge2002 Acura TL    97500450  7950
2729Fred HeineAnn Alvarado2001 Subaru WRX    157500750  8250
2823Donna PerezLynn Anderson2001 Dodge    127500600200 8300
2935Damon YuhaszAnthony Bradley1998 Isuzu Amigo    167500800  8300
3054Ilde FerrerJackie Selkirk2001 Acura Integra    177500850  8350
3115Joe PerucciDesi Marcelynas2000 Nissan Pickup    2175001050  8550
3233Russ MichelDenise Marsalisi2000 Mitsubishi Galant    2775001350  8850
3319Patti SchiaroJessica Schiaro2000 Lexus ES300    3075001500  9000
3451Larry GenovaFrancine Genova2004 Hyundai    2075001000 5009000
Did Not Finish - Did Not Hand in Answer Sheet
3512Richard FisherCarol Fisher2003 Hyundai     100000  10000
3514Jon SestromEd Crotty2001 BMW Z3     100000  10000
3518Tony BuetiGuy Fowler2001 Vehicross     100000  10000
3522Dennis BroderickDebbie Broderick2002 Subaru WRX Wagon     100000  10000
3524Daniel RauKristen Sullivan2003 Mazda     100000  10000
3525Michael J. DillonKerry Battle2001 Toyota Corolla     100000  10000
3527Steve LeeMelody Ling1995 Honda Passport     100000  10000
3534Terence MeehanBeth Meehan1996 GMC Suburban     100000  10000
3536Brian NatellMaggie Natell2002 Toyota Camry     100000  10000
3537Ron MaioranoTom Maiorano1999 Jeep Grean Cherokee     100000  10000
3538Mike LeungIbtisam Ahmed1990 Mazda Miata     100000  10000
3539Sensitive PeteShotgun Hank2002 Acura RSX     100000  10000
3542Donald WenderothBob Post1995 VW     100000  10000
3543Ralph CastellanoChristie Buglione2003 Mazda     100000  10000
3545David H AnspachEJ Reynolds1984 BMW     100000  10000
3547Tom EverettB arbara Clancy1999 Lexus     100000  10000
3548Tom HorvathDayton Horvath1982 Mercedes     100000  10000
3550        100000  10000
3552Ken VivianWilliam Donaldson1995 Ford Bronco     100000  10000
3553        100000  10000