2001 Turkey Tour Rally - Rallymasters Letter

Thanks to all who entered the Turkey Tour Rally. We had 54 cars register, 23 came through the checkpoint while we were there, 15 cars handed in their sheets at Applebee's and we lost 15 teams along the way.

The official time was 2 hours, 24 minutes, and 31 seconds. There were 31 on-course turkeys, 1 off-course (which no one wrote down- guess we didn't out-smart you this time!).

The overall speed of this rally was a bit faster than our norm, so if you were off on your time, you had few places to catch up. Guess this was why we had such large time penalties. In the future, we'll slow things down a little to take some of the pressure off.

We had some discussion about the last instruction before the checkpoint- left after Darlington- we might be able to understand some confusion, but an earlier direction in the rally was the same thing, so we didn't think this was a problem. It did catch some of you who went to the next left turn and ended up driving around for a while before getting to the checkpoint.

We attempted to make the signs a bit harder so everyone wouldn't get every sign, apparently, we made them a bit too hard as evidenced by one team finding the most- 24 out of 31. We don't want to encourage the use of high-powered lights, so for future rallies, we will make them a bit easier to find in normal headlight range.

Some people have expressed interest in writing or helping us put on a rally. It's a lot of fun, but it is a lot of work. If you would like to help us we would love to have your assistance. We can always use people to cold-run the route, work checkpoints or help design the route. You can contact us at 914-762-6324, or via our website www.wscc.org.

Debbi and Gary Kanzler