Event Cancellation

Due to an unfortunate and uncontrollable situation, we have been forced to cancel the July 26th, 1998 autocross which was to be held at SUNY/Purchase College. At this point, the August 2nd, 1998 event is tentative. There was a misunderstanding with the school after the private Waterfest event. The campus security staff was not aware that autocrosses include both registered and non-registered vehicles. Apparently, they do not feel that the race-only vehicles are allowed to drive on closed parking areas. We are now forced to find a new autocross site.

This has not been a good year for the Westchester Sports Car Club autocross program. We started the year with the promise of two event sites. The old GM factory in Sleepy Hollow and the SUNY/Purchase site that we've been using for over a decade.

The third event held at the huge GM factory parking lot was closed by the mayor at the request of a local village trustee. The use of this site is now muddled in political red tape that seems impenetrable.

The SUNY/Purchase site was made unavailable after an autocross event we were hired to produce for a private group. Several thousand people attended this event which included car shows, swap meets and the autocross. Of course, the campus police wanted to make sure that all was safe at this event. While policing the autocross area, they decided that modified cars needed to be made street legal and all cars needed proper insurance and registration. We've been using this site for 11 years with the same group and type of cars present. The size of the event could be the only explanation for this action.

We are in the process of appealing these decisions in the most expedient manner, however, until this is resolved we are forced to cancel the affected events. At this point in time, this includes the July 26th and August 2nd events. Please check back with us for up-to-date information and event status.