2003 Bunny Run Rally - Rallymasters Letter

Our goal this year was to make the Bunny Run Rally more straight forward. Unlike the passed few years, we intentionally did not put in any tricks to throw you off, but somehow a few made their way into the rally anyway.

Some of the tricky sections this year included: a street that is nearly invisible in the darkness, the hard to identify dead-end's, an intersection that appears to be a "T" on initial approach or roads that appear to be dead ends but are not marked that way in the path of the rally.

Twenty-eight teams joined us at the Kensico Dam for the start of the rally and a high percentage of them finished. The rally route went deep into Greenwich and North Stamford, twisting and turning on itself past multi-million dollar homes. About two-thirds of the way through it popped out into the far eastern corner of Westchester and meandered through South Salem, North Salem and Bedford, ending at the same check point that we used three years ago.

Two teams finished within 1 minute of the actual time, and several teams found almost all the Bunny signs, but the team that won did both.

A new rally master team is in the midst of planning a summer rally that will take place on Sunday afternoon in Rockland County. It will probably be somewhere around the July 4th holiday, but check the web site for details.

We want to acknowledge the following people: Ed for manning Applebee's, Debbi and Gary for registration, and Frank for pre-running and helping at the check point.