2002 Turkey Tour Rally - Rallymasters Letter

Well, the Turkeys have been put away for another year. We apologize that in our haste to get the results up on the website, we had a few errors. The corrected results are now on the website.

We had a great time designing this rally. When we ran it in early November, the leaves were a luminescent yellow, and it was a lovely route. If any of you would like to run it again during the day, just e-mail us at www.wscc.org and we'll send you a fresh copy. If you made any mistakes, you might see where they were, and give you practice for the next rally.

We lost a couple of signs at some point during the day. The very first sign was there before the start of the rally, but was gone by the time the first car went off. When Frank and I put up the turkey signs, we inadvertently put up a bunny (smiley face). Several of you thought this was a trick (it was, on us!), and wrote "bunny" or something to that effect. This sign was in the box because it had a checkpoint sign on the reverse, and we didn't notice it when we were putting up the signs. Others didn't write it down because it wasn't a turkey. In any event, we didn't count this sign or the other one that was missing that no one wrote down. So there were a total of 40 on-course turkeys, and two off- course turkeys. A couple of teams wrote down the off-course turkeys forgetting the general instruction that specifically says NOT to write down off-course signs, so they received penalty points. Writing down "off-course" doesn't negate the penalty points.

A couple of teams weren't helped by the "not Wakeman" helper. On the whole, the instructions seemed to be relatively easy to follow. We were very surprised at how many teams came in very close to the correct time. The second place team (our club President and his wife, no less) came in only 32 seconds off perfect time! But they missed a couple of critical turkeys, and missed out on the first place trophy to another seasoned WSCC member team who were just a bit slower, but who found more turkeys.

We hope you had fun on this rally. We enjoyed seeing so many of you at Applebee's, and look forward to seeing you all at the Bunny Run in the spring.


Debbi and Gary Kanzler