I survived the 2002 Turkey Tour

Do you know how I get even with someone who keeps challenging me (say, on a rally) and keeps losing? When GJ started in this time the big sister in me said to him (an only child) "we'll just let you win." "No no no, don't do that." "Yes, we will let you win." And that was that. So simple, but I knew it would bother him all night.

That night we (Marguerite, my trusted navigator and myself) showed up in my NEW TRUCK. When John started offering us extra flashlights I knew GJ had told him what I said and they wanted it to be an even competition. My plan was working. I had already counted club rally points (too many years as Activities Director?) and I knew where we stood and how our position could be changed.

The Kanzlers, who chaired the rally, explained a few changes and we lined up. Well, we tried to line up. A few of us still don't know how to count but it all got sorted out. We zeroed our mileage, adjusted mirrors and took off. Right away we were relieved at a new starting route. A few spots we knew, sometimes from a different direction, but the route was largely unique and quite scenic, even at night. We felt pretty good until about half way when we read "Right, not Wakeman." Marg whipped out the snakelight, spotted Wakeman and we blew by it with at least 6 cars behind us turning off. Hahaha, we laughed, they didn't read the note. Hahaha, joke was on us. When we finally turned around and Gov. Pataki welcomed us back into New York we knew it was shot.

I was watching the temperature dance around 32-33 degrees, the truck after all only had a few hundred miles on it, but she stuck to the ground nicely. The funniest part of the rally, the moment that pushed me over the edge was when we were driving along looking for a sign -any sign- that we were on course. And all of a sudden we drove over a painted road sign that said RUMP. I shouted "Rump!!" and burst out laughing so hard I cried. Marg looks at me like I'm an alien with 2 heads. Apparently the sign had read BUMP at one time, part of the B had worn off. My concentration was busted. In 2 days we heard that the guys had taken first place, their first time. All I had to say was "We LET you win." No, really, congratulations and I hope to see all of you at the Awards Dinner.

Valerie Christou